Is guest posting safe in SEO?

Is Guest Posting Safe in SEO?

So, is guest posting safe in SEO? Well, yes and no. If you want to build a good reputation, use guest posts intelligently. But if you want to grow your blog quickly and naturally, don’t bother with guest blogging. It’s not doing your blog any favors.

What is backlink

What is Backlink?

What is backlink? Backlinks are links coming in from another website. They show how to move from a particular website to another or a specific page to a specific page. They help to properly index all the pages on your site.

What is Guest Posting

What is Guest Posting?

What exactly is Guest Posting? Guest blogging is the act of posting content for another site on your own site. Typically, guest bloggers post for the same blogs as their employer, so that: (A) They can attract more traffic to their own site and (B) They can bring a previously dormant blog reader back into the fold.