Information we gather

When you registered on our website you provide us with maximum information by completing the forms or registering for any of our programs. We also gain access to your information and communication with the GPS network to your blogs and posts and connect with other users on the GPS network. We can also collect your data from your search, browse the history, viewing our site information from third-party senders or other available sources.

Our legal justification for accessing your personal information

We work under applicable laws and access your personal information to process it under legal grounds.

How do we utilize the information gathered?

We use your personal information to give security and premium services to work with the site, develop an understanding of how the people use our site, and perform our moral duty to customers. We ensure that your integrity and security are safe with us and you are protected from any kind of fraud. Moreover, we can connect with you for direct marketing, to promote our site, services, and GPS network marketplace, and to work with the legal regulations by the public authorities.

How long can we store your personal data?

We collect personal information for legal purposes and keep it as long as we want.

Children- This site has an age restriction of 18 years. Minors who are under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the website with their own accounts and create a business contract. However, they can approach the website through the account of a parent or a legal guardian with permission. To make sure that each of our clients is secure and works in the right environment, we have put age restrictions.

Allowing third-party to access your information

We share your personal data with a third party to improve the operations of our website and help you to access multiple services. We work with applications and applicable laws imposed on us to prevent fraud, infringements, and illegal activities.

Where do we save personal information?

Information you provide us through forms and is saved on our behalf by third parties and data providers based in the judiciary such as the US. They can store or process the information.


We use advanced technology and cookies to improve your experience with our website and analyze our website performance to enhance our services and boost our marketing strategies. 

Do Not Track (DNT)

Our site is unresponsive for do not track (DNT) signals.

Outbound or external links

Our website is connected with many third-party websites and we share your data with them. However, if you link this website to some external or third party and share your personal data with them, it is not under the control of the GPS network and we are not subjected to this policy.


We use all the technical precautionary measures to keep your personal information safe and avoid unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, destruction, loss, or damage to it with internal procedures. We have a multi-fold security system for your personal data.

Rights of UK, EU, and EEA users

When we work with the personal information of UK, EU, and EEA users, we are regulated by the EU data protection laws. Our site is highly proficient in terms of security.

Updating personal information

We take professional measures to update your personal data by providing you access to upgrade your profile settings. This is for your convenience and security and you can inform us if you have mistakenly added the wrong information or want to change something.

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